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DrivePod a Pretentious Sim Rig

Tell me it doesn't look like that headboard became fully erect?Tell me it doesn't look like that headboard became fully erect?
DrivePod in all its infamy.  That headboard is at full staff.
DrivePod in all its infamy. That headboard is at full staff.

Okay, we all know that one friend who just has to have everything Apple not matter how overpriced? Every piece of clothing has to have a designer label and all of the matching accessories. You’d never find a store brand item his fridge and all the booze simple must be top shelf. — Hey everyone has some redeeming characteristics. —

If this douchebag, erm I mean person ever gets into sim racing do we have the rig for him?

How does this thing manage to look dumber from every angle?
How does this thing manage to look dumber from every angle?

The DrivePod

DrivePod sim rig.

It’s like a sim rig, only worse in every way

That, what can only be described as a headboard with a TV, steering wheel, and race seat where the bed should be we have the “DrivePod.” Who on Earth this thing could be marketed toward is beyond me? DrivePod is truly the Apple Watch, or Beats Headphones of the sim racing world. The far more money than brains type would be my only guess. This thing isn’t a motion rig which is what I first thought it was. No, it’s defining feature is that the seat slides back and forth. I’ll let the video description below baffle you as it has me since I first read it.

Hold my Chardonay!!
Hold my Chardonay!!

Description from the video

DrivePod is an incredibly realistic Professional Driving Simulator designed to ensure unique, high-adrenaline emotions and driving experience.

DrivePod was developed through a series of tests involving professional engineers and drivers boasting high-calibre technological expertise.

Design is the hallmark of DrivePod.
It was conceived as a fully-customizable item of furniture with materials and outlines designed for use in luxury contexts.

DrivePod has two main elements: a simple sledge-type platform used to adjust the gap between the driver and the steering wheel and a single box structure containing all the technological equipment, including the curved screen.
A customizable seat in terms of shape and finishing is mounted on the platform. The steering column is attached to the box structure. The steering wheel can be moved closer to the driver in customized positions.

“The desire to move away from endless conventional solutions – from the ‘bare’ ones where the structure is the protagonist to the ‘full-body’ versions with shells recalling real cars – encouraged us to minimize the elements in DrivePod and resort to original outlines and surfaces as regards products already available on the market”.
—Paolo Casti

DrivePod – YouTube

Notice he says professional engineers and drivers. Not race engineers or professional drivers. They probably found a software engineer and some rando who had a driver’s license. I doubt an Uber driver would endorse this thing.

At least the pedal look decent.
At least the pedal look decent.

Have we hit some type of bubble?

Okay, so like a sim rig but worse in about every conceivable way? This has got to be someone’s hairbrained attempt to launder money or something right? This thing reminds me of before the dot com crash where all you had to do was come up with a neat sounding website name and VCs would throw a couple hundred million at you. I hope sim racing isn’t heading for some kind of crash.

Other much, much better stuff

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