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DrivePod a Pretentious Sim Rig

Okay, we all know that one friend who just has to have everything Apple not matter how overpriced? Every piece of clothing has to have a designer label and all…

Setup Triple Monitors using 3 TVs and Nvidia

Introduction Running a triple monitor setup is in my opinion a necessity if you are at all serious about sim racing. It gives such a huge advantage in terms of…

Setup Bass Shakers for your Sim Rig pt2

Introduction This is the second in the 2-part series “Bass Shakers for your Sim Rig.” In the first part which you can find at the previous link we covered the…

Setup Bass Shakers for your Sim Rig pt1

Introduction *This post got so long that I have decided to break it into a 2 parter. Part 1 is here and concentrates on software, part 2 found here covers…