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DIY Game Controllers

Homemade hardware to take your gaming experience to the next level!

VR and AR

These posts cover low cost and DIY methods of adding VR and AR (Virtual and Augmented) Reality to your PC gaming experience.

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  • Triple Monitor Setup with 3 TV’s and Nvidia pt2

Triple Monitor Setup with 3 TV’s and Nvidia pt2

Triple Monitor Software Setup In the first post on setting up triple monitors with an Nvidia graphics card we covered the hardware setup. In this part 2 we will cover…

Setup Triple Monitors using 3 TVs and Nvidia

Introduction Running a triple monitor setup is in my opinion a necessity if you are at all serious about sim racing. It gives such a huge advantage in terms of…

PC Head Tracking for Free with Android

I happened to stumble upon a real hidden gem the other day while cruising the Google Play Store looking for interesting apps to augment my PC gaming experience. This one…

Make Your Own Cardboard VR Goggles

This is something I happened to come across from back in the bad days of the pandemic. In this writeup Volkswagen (the car company) issued instructions for how to make…