• Fri. Nov 10th, 2023

DIY Game Controllers

Homemade hardware to take your gaming experience to the next level!

$20 DIY Kit Makes your Retro Gaming Controller Wireless!

SNES wireless conversion pic.
Wireless addon board for Retro Wireless Controller Mod.
Wireless addon board for Retro Wireless Controller Mod


Do you have a favorite Retro Gaming Controller you reluctantly had to part with? Here is an inexpensive controller mod from a company called 8Bitdo, I came across this instructional video today on YouTube. It
allows you to take your ancient plugin gaming controller and make is a wireless device.

These DIY kits are cheap at only $15-$25, and most are non-solder. Presently there are mod kits for:

  • Nintendo: The Original SNES/SFC Controller,
    (Old Edition), the Original NES Controller (Old Edition), the NES
    Classic Edition Controller (New Edition), The SNES/SFC Classic Edition
    Controller (New Edition), the Original Dogbone Controller.
  • Sega: The Original Mega Drive Controller, and the Original Sega Saturn Controller.
  • PlayStation: Original PlayStation Classic Controller, and the Original PlayStation Controller.

Now you will need a Bluetooth adapter if you want to use the wireless controller with their original consoles. Check out their website after the video below.


YouTube video showing how mod a retro game controller to make it wireless and connect over Bluetooth.

Where to buy?

Visit their website 8bitdo.


Getting Acquainted with the Magical Arduino Leonardo will help you make a controller from scratch. Here is a mod I can’t recommend highly enough for any sim racing enthusiasts. Fanatec Pedals Upgrade: Hall Sensors Mod Gives Awesome Results!

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